Event Calender
Date From To
Event DateActApplicable FormObligation
07/05/2019Income TaxChallan No. ITNS-281Payment of TDS Deducted in April
11/05/2019Goods and Service TaxGSTR-1Outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services for the Month of April 2019 turnover exceeding 1.5 Cr.) Monthly Return.
13/05/2019Goods and Service TaxGSTR-6Return by Input Service Distributor
15/05/2019Providend FundElectronic Challan cum Return (ECR)E-Payment of PF for Apr
15/05/2019ESIESI ChallanPayment of ESI of Apr
15/05/2019Income TaxReturn No. 27EQTCS Return of all collectors for March Quarter
15/05/2019Income TaxForm No.27C (TCS)Exemption from TCS
15/05/2019Income TaxForm No. 16 BDue date for issue of TDS Certificate for tax deducted under Section 194-IA in the month of March, 2019
20/05/2019Goods and Service TaxGSTR-3BGSTR return for the month of April 2019
20/05/2019Goods and Service Tax-Due date for builders to opt for old rates(ITC) or new rates(No ITC) for ongoing housing projects.
30/05/2019Income TaxForm - 49CStatement by Non-resident having Liaison Office in India (u/s 285)
30/05/2019Income TaxForm 26QBDeposit of TDS/TCS of previous month on purchase of property
30/05/2019Income TaxForm 16A/27DIssue of TCS certificate for March Qtr. By All Collectors
31/05/2019Goods and Services TaxGSTR-6Furnishing of Return by Input Service Distributor for the months from Jul 2018 to Apr 2019
31/05/2019Income TaxForm 61-AAIR by Assessees liable to Tax Audit receiving cash above 2 lacs against sales, Banks, Credit card companies etc for FY 2018-19.
31/05/2019Income TaxReturn No. 24Q, 26Q & 27QTDS returns for Mar Quarter by ALL deductors
31/05/2019Goods and Services TaxGSTR-1Monthly Return of Outward Suppliers for April